Guide for Professional Exams Tutors
Guide for Professional Exams Students
Guide for Secondary & Primary School Teachers
Guide for Secondary & Primary School Students

Welcome to Sukuul Teachers Center.

Within this system, we provide an avenue for both teachers and students to interact through conducting personalized online tuition classes. We allow teachers to upload there merit profiles, and students looking for online private tuition classes browse through the teachers profiles. When a student spots the teacher whose classes they would like to join, they drop us an email, from where we connect them to that particular teachers online tuition classes.


This system allows teachers to have private online tuition classes with students from all over the country.

Basic Guidelines:

1. Interested teachers forward a request to be included in the Sukuul Teachers Profile Center.

2.   The teacher forwards a comprehensive profile of their performance or achievements, eg, produced the best chemistry student in the 2014 county mocks exams.

3. A summary of their academic awards. Eg, masters, undergraduates qualifications etc.

4.  A colored photo of the teacher to go to their profile page.

5.   We create a comprehensive profile of the teacher where potential or interested students are able to review them up and choose from.

6.When students select a particular teacher as there preferred online teacher, they send an email requesting to join that particular teachers class sessions.

7. Then Sukuul eLearning center picks it up to communicate formally to the teacher and discussing all the logistics involved in the process.


Here we allow students to select from a pool of professionally and competent teachers to join their online tuition classes.

Basic Guidelines:

1.    The student (majorly from the Sukuul e-Learning center) browses through the profile of the teachers and decides which particular teachers’ class they would like to join.

2.  When a student’s selects the particular teachers online classes they would want to join, they drop us an email requesting to join the class.

3. 3.  Sukuul then picks it up and makes a formal communication to both teacher and students and communicates to them all the requirements and guidelines that must be complied with during the class interaction period.

4.        Finally the classes begin.

For information drop us an email