Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Law
Entrepreneurship and Communication
Principles of Management
Business Mathematics
Financial Accounting
Fundamentals of Information Communication Technology
Cost Accounting

The ATC examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into two levels each containing five papers, thus making a total of ten papers.

The examination serves two main purposes. Firstly, the ATC certificate provides a person with comprehensive and widely recognized qualification which enables the holder to perform functions in an accounting, auditing, business or public office. Secondly, it provides the holder with an opportunity for further progression in the professional ladder and other specialized accountancy fields.

The examination is rigorous and standards are high and therefore a candidate is advised to devote enough time to pass the examination.

Learning in the modern century is more students centered, where the teacher is meant to act as a facilitator. With the advancement of technology, and its integration in the learning process, we at Sukuul strive to bridge the gap between learners and instructors, where a tutor from one end can offer learning classes to a student in the other end without necessarily meeting face-to-face.

We create a pool of all tutors by subject, such that students select the tutor classes they would like to enroll into. All the rest is coordinated, monitored and communicated by Sukuul to both students and tutors.

All the tutors’ profiles and groupings are arranged by subject. Click on the subject to review the tutors available.
Below are some of the subjects offered, and on the left hand side, check out the tutors available for each subject:

The following are the papers contained in each level of the ATC examination:


  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  2. Introduction to Law
  3. Entrepreneurship and Communication
  4. Principles of Management
  5. Business Mathematics


  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Fundamentals of Information Communication Technology
  3. Cost Accounting
  4. Taxation
  5. Auditing

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